Thursday, May 08, 2008

Water Works Part 3.456

Dropped by another local company, AH Fabrications in Hereford. They make all the tanks you see @ demontweeks etc.Got them to make me a pair of tubes.
Which means tomorrow I can get some TIG welding done. The Extra pipe on the swirl pot and the water rail bracket.
PRRT Thermostat arrived. No sign of my hose...Awaiting a 135 bend from the radiator to the PRRT. And a 45 bend for the PRRT to the swirl pot tube.
Thats my final system. AS said before the PRRT uses a massive bypass to keep the coolant flow as great as possible and increase the fluid quanity used in the bypass system.
So just some welded and some hose cutting and that is done. Just have to adjust the header tank outlet and feed that into the alloy tube below the carbs.

Should be a reliable water system, better than a stock Caterham and they never blow headgaskets anyway. Temp should be pegged @ 82-83C.

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