Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More bleeding tunnel

Changed the harness mount areas, now there is a packer under the large washer, the packer allows the harness bolt to act as a body mount bolt, so bolting the body to the chassis properly.
Made two side panels for the rear tunnel section.
Then a top. This top could be left removeable with a few captive nuts. I will finish it off and decide.

Some more fiddling to be done. Main priority is to finish this thing off for fitting , get it all tacked up, so its finished for fitting and refitting it. I can then paint the floorpans and they wont get messed up, + refit the engine. I can then reorganise the place here and get on some other projects. At this time there are bits of car everywhere, with two cars in pieces here I can barely move!

So to finish this rear section I just have to drill a few more holes make a few more cuts. Finish the gaitor area. Basically the lever will come out the top. So the gaitor will need to be removed, so similar to the Triumph system, it will be held in place with a metal ring.

I have rubbed down one side of the floor, I shall give the whole floor another coat or two of white.So main priority is to just to get the basic tunnel tacked up and get the bleeding engine back in, been busy with other stuff and I am quite behind on the schedule for this year !

The rest of the work is brainless and painless which will be NICE, bar one last thing, the section of exhaust. It'll be rather nice to have some brainless assembly to do at leisue, all this fabrication and making stuff wears you out....

I am quite pleased with the tunnel, its solid as a rock, there will be NO gaps at all! A smear of 3M windscreen sealant will be used to seal it. This stuff is great, it never goes hard, it contracts and expands between two surfaces and its dead easy to remove. As such, no clearance has been given for a seal on the tunnel.

What's up with Summer?

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