Friday, October 17, 2008

Barge Boards?

Another piece, one more left to make then clean them up and paint them white.
Alloy poles give good simple and sturdy location.

Bit of a squeeze.
Not that the clearance is needed, but full lock can be obtained, steering angle turning left will be reduced slightly due to the exhaust pipe that will running along the outrigger, so it will never need to move this far. I need to devise a method of limiting lock in that direction. I think a small handbrake type cable, you know, woven steel cable, thin stuff, with an eyelet on either end would do. Add one end to the steering arm bolt and the other to the front of the anti-roll bar bracket on the wishbone...Basically just stops more than a certain amount of steering which is just useless and wears out your tyres anyway, via this teather, that last few insane degrees. Next time the rack is out I'll look at limiting there.

It's getting tiring now!

This is good R&D for the other car actually.

Was hoping to make a pair of 1 piece screens that run from the front to the bulkhead, bit like my valances, only in the middle will bolt a radiator of the correct size, this will need two rear exit outlets on rad, I can then shoehorn in everything behind the rad and between the two screens. The screens keep junk out the timing belts and engine area and also work to feed the rad and act as a shroud and somewhere to mount stuff, also maybe could be removed as 1 unit, screens, rad, shroud, saving hassle. However this requires of measuring and alot of templating, consideration for exhaust space, getting it complex kinked around the carb, trying to make it so the engine will come out without removing all this stuff. Making it easily removeable if there no way to remove the engine with it in place. Getting it all to fit around the bonnet tubes and incorperating the grille, valances, steering lock requirement...Then pondering the worth of hacking out the wheelarches from the bonnet and just knocking up all this back up as part of the bulkhead, side screens, so making wheel arches on the tub and chassis...You'll see the headache when you see where the carb ends up...This prompts me to hack the wheel arch out, as to be fair knocking up stuff from alloy, panels, is quick(ish), where as messing about with fibreglass and adding stuff onto other stuff....Just hack it out and start from nothing!
Noticed a couple of a grey hairs the other day...not suprising :)

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Mike said...

Looking good Dave

Never taken one of these racks apart bout would have thought you could make some kind of internal lock stops.