Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latest Gareth Thomas Tuning Innovations - PARTS THAT WORK

Building a fast 4-6cyl engine?

I'd REALLY make sure you have a word with GT.

Aren't we sick to death of Ford Cams, funny valves that never worked? Pistons that never worked? Exhausts that don't work?

Bored of the same old tuning tatt sold year on year from all the usual suspects? Stuff that never worked in the first place, sure as hell doesn't work now it's on it's 5th evolution by Dumb and Dumber??

Well there really is NO reason to buy poorly executed products anymore.


Or catch him @ my Forum.


I think soon you'll be able to pickup anything from Valve Springs that actually work and won't just destroy your cam and followers/seats, TerryTune/Jigsaw ones are all FAR FAR too hard. Thats why they rip the pedestals to bits and why you are advised to buy billet pedestals? I never needed those and had no bounce @ 7800rpm using single ford springs that were soft as butter compared to the others I seen.

Valves that are actually designed and tested for these engines? Valve caps/collets in lightweight materials that don't fall apart. Maybe even a NEW design of STEEL crank? Forged Pistons for Any Triumph engine incl Dolly.

Also GT has a new revision of his book out now or very soon, this is VERY MUCH worth a read and this BY far the best reference material ANYWHERE for Triumph engines/cars.

Almost makes me want to get back into Triumph engines, there was nothing worth buying in the market AT ALL before.

Now it's all coming to together, despite the best efforts of certain cretins to put a stop to it. I can thank these cretins for my own forum. We can talk openly and freely and get somewhere, I think the forum has played it's part in these products, although a small part.

We can get on with ideas and innovations/debate without mechanically retarded minders watching over us. You know the type of people who get confused changing a spark plug but go out their way to protect their mates...I must say I am VERY glad to be away from such people.

You can't keep a genuinely gifted guy down, I wish GT all the VERY best with his new products, cause I am genuinely excited to see genuinely exciting innovations arriving after YEARS of "Dumb and Dumber" tuning and parts.

You'd be foolish NOT to buy his valves and parts if in the market for a FAST engine that lasts.

Buying his book is a good place to start.

You need guys like GT, the market is BADLY let down by the current lot if you ask me, unless you like wasting money? No performance or engineering experience = poor products, copies and rehashes. With GT's stuff you get something thats been engineered/tested and actually works. Oddly all the best race engines are built by people you never heard of, despite what you maybe told by some motormouth.

Good old GT should be held high and rewarded for the phenominal efforts/cash he has put into these products...

Part of the reason my old 1300 contained NO tuning parts AT ALL, none of it was worth using, yet my engine stuck out stacks more power than the "Dumb and Dumber" engines, this has finally changed and I'd gladly impart some cash on something that has been tested to work.

Good times ahead for the tuning market! Finally!

Good old Gareth is at it again.

Make sure you give the plasma plugs a look, they are going down very well with members of my forum. Some details on various threads.

You want to get the best from your car?

There is ONLY one Forum to be on.

That's Sideways-Technologies.

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