Friday, November 11, 2005

For the 3rd time!

I am typing this for the 3rd time! Damn PC crashes when i attach images and blogger is no good on Opera browser!! Damn blogspot is asking for my password everytime I click something!

Few pics if this ever works...

Some rods.

Megajolt ignition ready pulley...Alloy and has been modified with a stainless steel band on the stub, so it doesnt wear a ring every 8-10K miles and start leaking as with all alloy pullies...The trigger disc fits on with two bolts, the pulley was cut on the back so the trigger wheel has a concentric and interference fit onto the pulley.

My latest area of improvement is going to be the steering column and bushes. Ditching those god awful rubber bushes in the column - they that are great for 10minutes or so when new...I have some 30mm diameter PTFE rod, I will use 80mm lengths or this, 1 at the top and one at the bottom of the column outer - I will drill a hole through these bushes, just under 3/4inch to match the column...I will bolt them to the column outer, by drilling through this into the bolt in 4 placed and tapping the holes to take some M4 hex bolts.

I will then have a virtually wearproof bush, which gives ZERO play and can be fitted tight on the column as PTFE is one of the most slippy and self lubricating materials on this earth!

If this crashes again now I am gonna go outside and beat something with a lump hammer.


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