Friday, November 25, 2005

Getting Head

Few pics of how to use Ford Valves in the Triumph Head. 34322 Ex Valve, Ford Capri 1.6. As shown the guides need shortening by 6mm. One image show the standard versus one of the old ones, you can see the need to cut an extra collet slot lower down to house the Fiesta collets and caps.

These 34322 valves fit the triumph guides perfectly without reaming the guides etc, I mean perfect.

Still a bit lost on springs, will take one to my guy and hunt for ford ones the same and maybe replace the springs with doubles and different Ford caps...

Bit of pain working out what all this stuff Oder did it.

Just a few random images of my ports, I didn't do the work some bloke called Jan Oder did. Think he did a good job! The head is about to be cleaned and refitted, the seats are 3 angle but hard to see, basically there is no material on the inside of the port after the seat area, flows well.

I noticed some Triumph head in for guides and seat cut at my local engineers, someone had raped it with a dremel yet missed all the important porting and detailing just by the seats, therefor it looked like a lot of effort and money for nothing! Details Details! Also some horrible tin bearings sat by the crank.

Had I not stripped my engine down to do headgasket shortly after buying it (owner fitted std cam, tiny Su's and normal needles...) and found a gem, the car would probably be bog standard still or something!! It made me buy a cam and Webers and it all started!

I got some nice bronze coated thrusts today or OE ones the crank is STD here, but takes a STD Thrust at the front and a shaved +0.005" on the rear. Always best to fit the oversize at the rear me thinks. There was 0.008" with two standards (max book) and 0.003" with the oversized one....As minimum book is 4thou I glass plate and emeried the thrust backing, so we have 0.004" now.

Got another sump that I will baffle properly this time!

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