Tuesday, November 15, 2005


It posted and better than ever!

Be picking up my crank and block tomorrow...Need to drop the crank, rods and my prop off near bir*ming*ham....

New engine not far away now!

I got a new daily driver...An Alfa 33 1.5 I.E....quite quick for 1500cc...warm and dry, 1 owner for all but 1 year of its life...on H plate, genuine 27,000miles....its minter! £500! nice! typical italian gearbox, with a weakish 2nd from an old bloke grating the gears, but no issue with double clutching and a blip. Bar that minor fault its faultless!

I do miss the spitfire having not driven it for two weeks - miss the 4th gear pickup and the torque or lack weight, the Alfa's all over the road, torquesteer, remind me to never pay more than £500 for any FWD car, I really dislike them thesedays....yuck and wallow...Its may do 60 in 10s and 112mph...but its no match for the Spitty!

Makes me think about making and refitting a heater for the spit 8-)....I was thinking oil radiator or something with two beefy PC cooling fans on the back and two pipes coming off the radiator to the screen....just enough to warm the screen a bit...

Bah these pooftastic thoughts!

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