Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Modified Steering Column

Well I mentioned the PTFE bushes for the steering column.

Finally got them drilled out, they are an interference fit on the shaft, and needed some running in (sitting in the car working the wheel! keeps you warm at night), the bushes to the outer column were also a tight fit...these are tight enough not to need bolting or screwing in place.

PFTE is funny to work with. The lathe wasn't set too tight, and the pilot drill just grabbed in the PTFE and raced thought! SHIT, but was ok!

The feel is so nice, man, its so smooth, silk and feels really quality! Its like Rolls Royce steering, not flapping about on the play those bushes give. Once fully run in it'll be lovely!

Incidently found my column had 4 bushes in it as the previous person failed to get the old ones out and just rammed more in!

TIP! To remove these bushes needs no effort - you cannot budge them with a drift without buggering the soft alloy outer. So set fire to them and they fall out no effort at all, a little tap! Just watch the smoke that comes off its super toxic, best do it outside and be upwind of it.

Anyway, everything I wanted it feels superb. Just need to make the body mounts less flexy now.

Milled 4thou off my 2 tall pistons, all 0.006" under deck now, give or take a thou.

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