Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Got a K-Series engine and bellhousing!

Potentially an ebay steal.

£450 for a 35K mileage 1.8K VVC.

Comes with QED bellhousing for type9 box (£300!).

The guy has already fitted a suitable spigot bush (£10), clutch cover and plate (£80)...also its fitted with a lightened 1400 K flywheel and ring gear, this flywheel has some trigger system or notches making it good for use with 3D ignition/aftermarket ECU, so this has saved a lot of sourcing and hassle.

I can flog the VVC head if I wanted to save cash on converting it to solid large journal rally cams and buying a blanking kit...This head is worth £250-300 at my local engineering shop I am told. I can pickup a stock 1.8 head for peanuts...But I like the idea of larger valves and such so for now the main concentration of effort it getting it in the car and getting an exhaust on it...I may pull the head after thats done, stick a double shim gasket on it, reface it and port the valve seat area on the inlets...some way off yet!

Exhaust may need to be a side exit job :) 4-2-1 with the primary and secondary lengths designed from DVApower's findings...This may need to exit round the side of the sill and outrigger, running just behind the wheel where there is just about room...Saves taking out exhausts and trying to make some complex thing under the car...Can just buy a caterham side exit silencer and wedge it on the sill...

Just have to go 110miles to Fareham to collect on Friday?

He has modified the bellhousing to accept a Mini slave cylinder, so there is no annoying cable clutch system to rig up.

The only thing I need to do is find a sierra release arm and bearing and add/weld on a suitable rod to it for operation of the clutch via the Mini slave cylinder...

I had a look at the gearbox area tonite...I can easily get the box back 5.5inches from its current location with nothing more than slight removal of the seams on the chassis rails, no big surgery... Basically the rear type9 mount will them be right by the small cross member under the handbrake..I can weld a plate into this cross member which runs forward 3inches and is welded to the chassis rails, the rear box mount will sit on this and I just need to remove 1cm of the seam from the chassis rails, then run some weld along the seam...I will need to shorten the shifter mech on the box as per frontline kits...

If this is all possible I need to hack a large section of the bulkhead anyway and this will probably mean the entire engine is behind the suspension turrets, or behind the front cross member... :-) 4.5-5" back from where it is now! I think the bellhousing maybe a tiny bit longer on the K so I hope to move the engine back 4.5" to save having to move, adjust the oil filter location...This leaves me with 1" to play with if the bellhousing is longer than expected...All speculative at this stage.

The engine mounts included with the motor look like they can be used? I can build some small towers vertically from the main chassis rails and simply bolt these on using Pinto engine mounts.

One engine.

Can't run the VVC induction system I don't think, cause the bonnet isn't tall enough. Straight onto throttle bodies when funds allow.

Should be able to sell the VVC induction system for £50? The engine will sit slightly inclined as it does in the picture, the stock induction is very tall. The throttle bodies are much lower...

Not sure the exhaust is any good, its not included anyways, he wants £180 for it, gonna measure it and make a diagram and get back to him later. If the pipes were further forward it might be ideal!

So plan is strip it to bare of ancils and crap and get the block and box in, them remake/refit anything and get it running! I'd like to use my EWP, so will probably hack the impeller off the water pump, which is driven off the cambelts...I'll be needing to change cams and will give it a new belt anyways.

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