Tuesday, October 24, 2006

K-Series measuring up...PARTS STILL FOR SALE!

So I stripped everything from the engine bay tonite bar the engine.

Made some initial measurments of the engines. I got some good diagrams of the K-Series from a PDF.

The K engine block is 40cm long, 24cm wide and sump to camcover is 61.5cm.The head protrudes 6cm further back from the rear block face.

The Spit engine is the same length and width, just the K is taller, Should be no problems with my bonnet, this was considered and half the reason I brought that humped bonnet you see!

From my initial measurements there are issues to overcome, the K has an oil filter mounting that will foul the suspension turret on the passenger side. I can probably make a remote take off and oil cooler system. However I believe it will JUST possible to move the engine backwards 11-12cm from the standard spitfire location, as they are the same size it makes measuring easier!

This means the oil filter and mount will be behind the suspension turret!

The front face of the engine will be roughly lined up with the rear of the front chassis cross member that runs under the engine atm. I have no idea at the moment where the start motor will sit, so this is all speculative.

Getting the engine this far back means the front pulley will be miles away from the steering rack, also I can run the stock sump without any mods.

It will mean butchering the bulkhead to get throttle bodies on the engine.

Also means removing the heater box thing from the bulkhead and the back of the cylinder head will sit about 2cm off the bulkhead! The throttle bodies might just fit in running right by the clutch master cylinder.

There is one other serious issue to consider thats the fact the TYPE9 box is quite wide in one area, so I may need to adjust the chassis rails to get the box in, as it will be 12cm further back than it is atm, I estimate 1inch per side needing to be found...Hopefully this will not need any major surgery. I will remove the gearbox tunnel tomorrow night and have a look.

Probably run into tons of problems but I want to get this engine back along way.

Hopefully I will have an engine later this week. I will assess how far I can get the gearbox back and go from here, if it will go back from than 12cm I will happily enjoy the company of the engine inside the cockpit.


Updated list below.

5speed kit in reserved at this time.

I may be willing to sell my MEGAJOLT ignition kit complete, crank pulley, brainbox, EDIS unit, wiring loom, sensors, magnecor leads, dissy pedestal -alloy breather the whole nine yards? Enquire.

Perfect VANDERVELL VP Lead Copper Bearings for 1300 small crank engines , don't fit junk to your engine -only fit THESE! SOME SOLD TBA whats left.
Big ends +0+10+20+30 -£40 a set.
Mains +10+40 -£40 a set

1x Unground STD size 1300 small bearing crankshaft - no scoring use as is -ideal for nitride and polish job - no problems in supply of VP2 STD bearings! £75

1x Good condition FD block on +20 rebore ideal for re-bore fast road engine. Main bearing houses complete and not oval or warped, cam bearings in place £60

NEW old stock VP small end bushes for con-rods set of 4 £15.

Lightened 4.6kilo 1300 flywheel drilled for 7/16th bolts, can be fitted to 1300 by tapping crank to take 7/16th bolts as used on 1500. Can be used to instantly release more spin up on the 1500, forget using a 1500 clutch I reckon, not needed in my opinion just stick this flywheel on with a 1300 clutch and a dolomite 1300 clutch plate, loads lighter!. Comes with low mileage Clutch cover.£80

Alloy 1300 small crank front pulley, comes with Sierra trigger wheel attached for use with 3D ignition system (megajolt and alike).. This pulley has a stainless STEEL sleeve on it, it won't wear out and leak in 5000miles like the junk (anodised crap) sold by tuning companies. If you buy for use with a megajolt system I will include a crank sensor and homemade adjustable crank sensor mount which bolts to the block and allows you time the engine to pefection, no messing! an extra £17 - Pulley £35 or £52 ready to go on Megajolt.

Alloy distributor pedestal, cut down and converted into a crankcase breather for use without a Distributor, ie with megajolt system £40.

Low mileage unmarked small journal (cam bearings) TH7 Race camshaft - not really a race cam, totally road tractable, good manners 40mpg at cruise on my engine and 130mph top end! (atleast with me tuning the car!) - cut from NEW blank, nice lobe shape -not a reground ramper £100 with followers (numbered)

Twin Weber DCOE/DHLA DELLORTO INLET MANIFOLDS...Currently Tapped for use with MAP sensor for 3D ignition...can be blanked off before sale or left as is, these take offs make it DEAD easy to use a manometer to balance DCOE without vacuum ports. £65.

Damaged full race cylinder head, 1 chamber fu-bared 1.5/1.25" valves, repairable by welding -Technilock then port reshape, offers?

Mint standard Herald camshaft £15 (cam bearings needed).

BRAND NEW (2000miles ago) perfect mint -Twin 40 Dellorto DHLA40C's jetted for full race engine £475. Most advanced carb made.

express interest ? davidpowell@clara.co.uk

Keep checking if you want any parts, I will update this posting on a regular basis also I will add more parts as I discover them!

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