Saturday, October 28, 2006

More K-Series stuff

So i stripped the engine of all the induction stuff and shelved it.

I am definately making my life hard wanting to move the thing back 5inches. But its the way forward I think..!

I made some more measurements and rough checks its gonna be tight but no major concerns yet, bar one......The slave cylinder will clear the chassis rails by about 1/2", which is lucky... The one side of the bellhousing, or the bellhousing support on the passenger side of the engine should clear the chassis by a few mm! Or need minor cutting of the seam on the inner of the chassis rails. Looks ok.

Main issue at this time and it made need a beer. The exhaust manifold.

Not to sure on this side exit thing, as it'll need a bespoke silencer about 3.75" dia and about 4feet long to allow it to be 98DB and let the door open and also by high enough to avoid killing it. Might pose some MOT issues?

I think the plan is to fit the engine and box. Make some diagrams and templates of the space left for an exhaust manifold and ground clearance needed. There is not much room between the chassis rails and block just about room for a pair of 1.75" secondary pipes, but I think the system will need to go under the car. So to get the desired near 30" primaries there might be some good snakes in the engine bay!

This gap for the pipes is small cause of the engine mount and the bellhousing are close together. I could adjust the engine mount, hack it off and change the angle to move it forward, but I'd rather not...As it is it leaves me a 5" by 2inch slot for secondaries to pass through...I will fit the engine work out where the space is for a manifold, make a load alloy templates I can bolt to the block to replicate the bulkhead, chassis rails and space left.

I will then take the engine/box and these templates to someone like (Exhausts By Design) tell them to make me a manifold to fit in the holes left on my templates! That should work, I can't take them the car without a load of hassle, basically it needs some snake primaries and then to hug the block and bottom of the box and exit centrally with the gearbox outlet flange.

I will then make my own rear 2.25" main pipe and rear box system. I guess a bespoke manifold won't be cheap but its the only way really.

Provided I am happy with the fit and such I may get this done asafa (as soon as funds allow!). Just need to strip all this stuff from the old motor and collect the cash for those who brought the stuff... Atleast its not actually expense at this stage, just an exchange of spitty stuff for K stuff.

Its worth doing a good exhaust and EBD are well rated in the K scene. Can be worth 20HP and loads of torque over the stock MGF one.

Thats my only headache atm....I can't build something as complicated as that. Thats hopefully the only real fabrication bar small bits and bobs.

Need to pickup a camlocking tool (£5)to get the pulleys off the cams. Just the rear ones at this stage, VVC has front and rear cam pullies with a drive belt on the rear ones also, as they won't be needed they will just be in the way when I ponder bulkhead chopping.

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