Saturday, October 21, 2006


Time to fit a K-Series.

Can't be bothered building 1300's anymore for own use. I want more power jimma!

I have lots of interesting parts for sale - first come first serve.

Most of these parts can be seen in my blog troll the archives!

SOME ITEMS NOW SOLD (provisionally)

Perfect VANDERVELL VP Lead Copper Bearings for 1300 small crank engines , don't fit junk to your engine -only fit THESE! SOME SOLD TBA whats left.
Big ends +0+10+20+30 -£40 a set.
Mains +10+40 -£40 a set

1x Unground STD size 1300 small bearing crankshaft - no scoring use as is -ideal for nitride and polish job - no problems in supply of VP2 STD bearings! £75

1x Good condition FD block on +20 rebore ideal for re-bore fast road engine. Main bearing houses complete and not oval or warped, cam bearings in place £60

NEW old stock VP small end bushes for con-rods set of 4 £15.

Lightened 4.6kilo 1300 flywheel drilled for 7/16th bolts, can be fitted to 1300 by tapping crank to take 7/16th bolts as used on 1500. Can be used to instantly release more spin up on the 1500, forget using a 1500 clutch I reckon, not needed in my opinion just stick this flywheel on with a 1300 clutch and a dolomite 1300 clutch plate, loads lighter!. Comes with low mileage Clutch cover.£80

XXX As new - Clutch slave cylinder - small bore- fast action comes with braided clutch line to master cylinder £20 SOLD

Alloy 1300 small crank front pulley, comes with Sierra trigger wheel attached for use with 3D ignition system (megajolt and alike).. This pulley has a stainless STEEL sleeve on it, it won't wear out and leak in 5000miles like the junk (anodised crap) sold by tuning companies. If you buy for use with a megajolt system I will include a crank sensor and homemade adjustable crank sensor mount which bolts to the block and allows you time the engine to pefection, no messing! an extra £17 - Pulley £35 or £52 ready to go on Megajolt.

Alloy distributor pedestal, cut down and converted into a crankcase breather for use without a Distributor, ie with megajolt system £40.

XXX Alloy Electric water pump manifold, bolts to cylinder head, lets water in and out. As seen in previous blog pages. £27.50 SOLD

XXX Alloy front engine plate 1300-1500 spitfire £50-comes with refaced timing chain cover - NO LEAKS!! SOLD

XXX Dual row DUPLEX ADJUSTABLE timing chain kit, comes with top and bottom wheels, good order no real wear, chain, dual row tensioner incl. £105. SOLD

Low mileage unmarked small journal (cam bearings) TH7 Race camshaft - not really a race cam, totally road tractable, good manners 40mpg at cruise on my engine and 130mph top end! (atleast with me tuning the car!) - cut from NEW blank, nice lobe shape -not a reground ramper £100 with followers (numbered)

XXX Baffled sump and modified 1500 oil pump, alloy bolt in baffle works a treat, pump pickup cut, bent, welded to pickup centrally in the pan NO surge- can use 1500 pump on ANY 4 cylinder £50. (you can reuse the pickup on a new pump if needed). SOLD

Your welcome to buy all the main engine parts (bottomend-cam-pulley-engine plates) complete including the block in one piece if your fast, discount available for that.


Rear engine plate 1300-1500 ALLOY £25.

XXX MANDREL BENT HIGH QUALITY stainless sports exhaust manifold 4-2-1. This is MILES better than the Pheonix junk sold now..Its a 1 piece manifold with a flange and seperate Y piece. The pipe merges are well formed and blended not just a V piece as sold thesedays. Ex Kipping? Complete with Y piece will accept ANY rear twin box setup...£110 SOLD

Twin Weber DCOE/DHLA DELLORTO INLET MANIFOLDS...Currently Tapped for use with MAP sensor for 3D ignition...can be blanked off before sale or left as is, these take offs make it DEAD easy to use a manometer to balance DCOE without vacuum ports. £65.

Damaged full race cylinder head, 1 chamber fu-bared 1.5/1.25" valves, repairable by welding -Technilock then port reshape, offers?

5 speed Ford box FRONTLINE CONVERSION kit - minus type9 box (£30 ebay!) - incl ...adaptor plate (box to bellhousing) / 1300 as new clutch plate for ford box -triumph cover/ special propshaft / rear gearbox mount plate / spigot bush - add a box and bolt it in! £325 - £390 with alloy bellhousing GREAT MOD!!!!! I was doing 125mph downhill at Nurburgring in 5th gear :)

ALLOY BELLHOUSING 1300-1500- for USE WITH 5 SPEED CONVERSION, modified as needed and ready to fit to your 5 speeder . £75...If you buy my 5 speed kit I HIGHLY recommend you also buy this bellhousing, I have done all required modification making the kit truely bolt on and it saves about 6kilos over a steel one!

XXX High Torque starter motor - with modified spacer plate. Bolt on 1300/1500cc engines - works perfect! £45 SOLD

Mint standard Herald camshaft £15 (cam bearings needed).

BRAND NEW (2000miles ago) perfect mint -Twin 40 Dellorto DHLA40C's jetted for full race engine £475. Most advanced carb made.

Must be more.

Any of this can be made available in the next couple of weeks. I will need to wait for some stuff to find new homes before embarking on a total strip down as time thin on the ground atm.

express interest ?

Keep checking if you want any parts, I will update this posting on a regular basis also I will add more parts as I discover them!

So my plan of action is to acquire a low mileage K-Series 1.8 + Flywheel, Clutch and Bellhousing and use my Type 9 box. I will probably use a VVC engine as the head as very big valves compared to the fixed cam K.

You do need to blank the VVC mech and buy some expensive camshafts from Piper for this VVC mod if using non standard induction and ECU, but its worth it for the bigger valve head. The porting is very good I read on the VVC and just needs some blending by the seats to flow well. You can pickup direct to head throttle bodies for fuel injection for about £500...Which by the time I fitted a set of my 45's I have lost £500 anyway + manifold. I will probably fuel inject the engine.

I may initially run a completely stock VVC with standard induction, plenum chamber and VVC mech in place and upgrade the engine at a later date, space? Unknown plan of action atm.

I'd think a few days work would have the block and box in place then its just a matter or wiring it up, plumbing it up and sorting an exhaust...Might make my own if I can come by a decent pipe bender.
Drop the engine in and move it as far back as possible, not sure how far yet but I'd like almost behind the suspension turrets :) The K-Series is a very compact engine with a narrow lower aspect. Duratec is a big engine and the parts for tuning are VERY expensive plus I don't think I need 220HP...

I am hoping for about 165HP initially using cam's and throttle bodies and a decent exhaust. That should make the spit go easy sub 5seconds to 60mph and pull a good 140+mph.

If I got 180HP eventually it should be similar to the Sylvia Striker I drove as it will be more powerful, that was MANIC!

Also the K series is only 87kilos in mass! Zetec is MUCH heavier....It'll be a good 25kilos lighter than the car is atm and also weight dist will be immeasureably improved.

I want a car to beat those V8 MGB's next year Combe Trackday!

I'd like to stick a 1300, but I abuse my engines alot, I have played with them for 10years now and I getting tired of messing with old engine parts, plus everyone must be better than the last, and it gets tiring, addictive and costly... I think in order to quarantee its durability and push the same power levels as this last engine - its just a waste of money...

If I was doing another 1300 I'd move back to a Fast Road 89 cam type or spec and limit overall HP and rev's and get back to safe limits of cheaper components -where I was before...40,000miles an engine with total reliability...Once you get the 120HP area and use em properly your gonna be knocking out your big end bearings, stressing standard parts to the edge and wearing the thing out pretty quick no matter what you do...I am bored of that!

I enjoy the development and playing, its just going back over old ground using another 1300, I want something new to get my teeth into, thats whats drives me, new experiences and alike. I get bored with the same old pretty quick in most things I do!

I have given myself 6 weeks to mull this over.

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