Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cam Timing

Another job done.

New water pump in and new belt tensioner. Piper wide cam belt.

To save using a dial gauge to find TDC all the time when timing the cams I made a decent pointer that can be used also to check the timing. This is just as accurate as a dial gauge as you have a dwell period at TDC, I'd say its more accurate/repeatable in fact.
Made a little bracket to attach the dial gauge firmly to the head as magnetic bases do not stick to alloy.

Timing is done via lift at TDC. Exhaust according to DVA wants 0.023" of lift @ TDC. Which it has. Exhaust cam may need some minor tuning to get a sweet idle.
Inlet wants 0.039" at TDC.
All done.
Got some OAT Red coolant from Halfords, apparently its the right stuff.

Basically just have to stick some gaskets in the carbs and needle valves, set the fuel levels and it could be fired up with the exhaust manifold fitted an a section 2" pipe attached.

Will leave the cam cover off till I shows signs that it will run, allows me to keep lubing up the new cams between any periods of cranking it over. Then its 20mins @ 2200rpm.

Nervous 20mins, oil system needs to be checked for leaks, water system for leaks and pressure, the cam followers have to fill, the cooling system needs to work :) A lump cast iron it is not, things have to go well!

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