Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Few more things completed.

Boot wiring is complete, all other wiring is complete. Starter wire added.

Rear fuel lines added and checked for leaks. My fuel sender from the Rover gives me a gallon reserve.Carbs are calibrated, fuel levels setup, pump system balanced. They are now finally added to the engine and ready to go. Drilled the last few holes in the air filter backplate and fitted that along with the trumpets and locked all the threads with paint.
Been over the whole engine and checked all bolts.

Camshaft pulley bolts are uprated ones as the stock ones are barely up to the job and often fail. These are much stronger and loctited.
Engine mounts finally bolted down properly and all brackets. Oil block fitted properly.

So thats ready to run/fit.

So basically this leaves the gearbox tunnel and exhaust, painting the floors. Fit main fuel line, redo rear brake line.

Plus building the car/engine bay up, which is easy as it all fits! Cause I made it all! I need to get a new windscreen and the wilwood brakes. Bar that stuff have everything done.

I shall try to get my head around this gearbox tunnel front section over the next two evenings. Then the engine can go back in, the rear gearbox section can be fitted/made later.

Not sure what to jet the carbs with.

36mm chokes, which with a half decent flowing head should give me the required power. Afterall massive chokes are usually only needed on shit heads, like a Triumph head. I'd hope to squeeze maximum potential from the chokes @ 7000rpm.

This is a temp measure anyways...I guess if the conversion works to my liking I will wedge some fuel injection on it.

I shall use long-nose idle jets...I'll get some in 53-55-57 that should allow me to test 7850.1, 7850.3 and 7850.2 idle holders...Shall start on 57 with 7850.1.

Main jet probably 150.
Emulsion Tube 6
Aircorrector 170

Pretty standard main jet stack.

Pump jets 38.

200 needle valves fitted, fuel pressure already set @ 3.5psi using 8.5gram floats.

The LC1 should make light work of the tuning anyway. Plenty of Emerald maps to sort the ignition curve.

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