Monday, June 09, 2008


A productive afternoon/evening

All alloy parts finished bar the swirl pot, which I forgot to take with me!
Water rail done.
Header tank additional fittings welded on.
Engine out again.
Gearbox finally assembled, engine is complete bar waiting for some pieces for the carbs, carbs must fitted before engine is fitted. Just need to calibrate the fuel levels and pump system.

Engine can go back in once I sort the front section of gearbox tunnel, hopefully get that done this week. Few small other jobs, need to add the alloy fuel line and plumb that in. There is then no reason I cannot I add fluids and have a pop at starting it, maybe at the weekend... I got a 1.5metre piece of 2" exhaust pipe I can ram up the manifold outlet, just need to blag a silencer. Once the engine is back in it'll take only a few hours to attach all the stuff to it.

If all that works and it goes, its just a matter of getting the exhaust pipe sorted. I shall need to source some steering arms and buy some wilwood brakes, basically just leaving brake lines, and a few others parts. Then off for MOT.

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