Saturday, June 14, 2008


First piece.
2nd piece.
There will be NO need for a seal, I will seal it up with a smear of sealer or dum-dum. Biggest gap is 1mm anywhere on the sealing area.
3rd piece.

At this time its just screwed together. Completing it will be a staged operation.

This piece of the tunnel will never be removed, it stays in place and the engine can be removed with it there.

I will add a top plate next, it must be removed for that. I hope it stays in shape when removed. Should do as its only held in with 3 small screws...

Then I will get the inside seams TIG welded. To hold its shape.

Then remove the radio frame, bare metal it and the outside seams can be welded and the radio frame can be welded to the alloy.

Next job then will be adding a new face to the front, to extend the radio frame backwards a few inches and give a matting surface for the smaller rear section that will be removable.

I have accounted for a few things, firstly that the heater vents can be operated, also that the heater unit can be removed without removing the tunnel and obviously that the engine and box will be fit and is removable.

I will add a filling plate for the gearbox also.
Already 9hrs in the tunnel, probably40hrs work once its welded and painted and fitted.

Oh and also the radio slot seems the perfect place for a glove box, so I will make a boxed section and add that to the tunnel and make a lid. Be nice to have somewhere to put keys and whatever.

I can line the inside of the tunnel with some heat/sound proofing.

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