Saturday, July 05, 2008


Welded in the hump thing.

Just need to go over the whole lot with a flap wheel to clean it up. Its got captive nuts all through to not have to make using any clips etc, some decent 1.4" bolts you can lean on. I was hoping the structure firmed up the tub a little.

I seam welded this in both sides, inside and out, its pretty damn solid.
I wanted captive nuts on the above holes too.
So I made a plate and welded some nuts on, then spot welded this underneath the floor.
Spot welds ground off above. Handbrake is obviously accessable, and easily operated as per normal. I note less floor plan bending with the new hump in place.
Some material to be let in, will look perfecto when its flap wheeled and painted. I'd have prefered something more organic in appearance to the hump and square box tunnel, but the construction gets to complex and bending 2mm alloy without a wheel thing, is a right pain.

I think I will just make the next piece part of the front piece, and have one large tunnel. I think having removed the engine with the front tunnel in place, that fitting it again with the complete tunnel in will be dead easy. Just need to slide the rear of the box along on a jack, then jack it up into place and slide it onto its mount. So no need for a removable tunnel, ANY leaks of draughts.

I never intent to remove a gearbox from inside again. This means I can screw the thing down solid, the front section is from 2mm alloy, when double seam welded it's solid as a rock, so as i said, it should stop any shake. It links (more rigidly than before) alot more areas of the tub together! Plus all previous changes.

I will make the gear lever gaitor removeable and the gearstick will be removed out the top, so you can get the box out!

Just have to finish the captive nut plate for the otherside, I can then get on with the next section.

I can then paint the floors, get the engine back in, build it up. This leaves just the exhaust.

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Anonymous said...

Handbrake looks easily accesible now! Must have been the angle of the last pic.. (or my sleepy brain).

Loving it. Great work!