Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do the Can Can

So a micron consists of some pieces.
It's repackable. Held together as below, with a allen bolt inserts through the outlet. Must take into account fitting and removing this when I modify the outlet. Probably easiest to just remove the rolled end from the oulet, add a slip on tail pipe. Reason is to deflect the exhaust gas off the tyre and change the outlet angle a bit as needs more kink.
I have another silencer arriving tomorow, I will extend the silencer by 300mm, making a total silencer of 750mm. I can make one from the two.
The tube above can be extended by 300mm making it 750mm. I can then shorten the outer case of the newly arrived silencer by 150mm to make it 300mm, get this welded to full length one. Then stick all the packing in and the job almost done.

Not sure about welding the two pieces of the nice stainless outer together, they are pretty thin. Will get my alloy welder bloke to run a few tests on the off cuts using TIG and stainless rods, I don't want some mess on the side of my car. If it looks a bit suspect I will take it to someone really shithot, or make two rings from some stainless sheet that sit inside and outside, and then rivet the lot together. Dunno. Yet to test Mr Alloy Welder on anything stainless and 1mm thick.

Could be easier still to source a length of stainless ducting tubing 750mm long, if there is a size that matches the exhaust end caps...Anyway with two silencers for £60 I should have all angles covered.

I even have another outer tube, alloy. I wanted stainless though, as doesn't corrode!

Also I will have spares. For when I wack the exhaust into a curb or rip it off on a verge :) I am sure it will be fine, just need to remember to give the nearside a little more room than normal (i.e none).

I'd rather the exhaust underneath, but I have explained this before. It'll be sound on track as there are no vertical curbs and there is plenty space to the floor, you just need to not run with the wheels touching or right up against any banks or solid verges, or be rubbing wheels with any vertical curbs that are over 3" tall.

Give major respect for any high curbs when turning into left hand junctions...You know when folks end up with the rear wheel running over the curb, well, that would be bye bye silencer if the curb was over 3"...Another thing that makes lending the car out difficult. I am sure I would have no issue as it would be second nature, like when driving a lorry etc...However someone who just jumped in would have a high chance of forgetting...Expensive mistake as it'll probably rip the pipe off and batter the sill and bulkhead...So best to avoid it. No issue on the continent though :)

Anyway this exhaust is a bit of a test, the main work will go into the downpipe and manifold. If the clearance becomes an issue and the exhaust gets grazed, yet the system proves quiet and works ok for power I shall create another silencer thats triangular / oval and even longer ...and gives more clearance.

No idea how loud the PRI system is. Thats a really small diameter on the outside and REALLY long...Have to start somewhere.

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