Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, done the can shell. Knocked up a front mount, doesn't do much, and not really needed. But adds some support.
Roughly knocked up a tailpipe. Needs polishing and finishing. Can be angled around.
Joined the two halves by making a tight fitting ring from some of the left over can.
I could get this neatly TIG'ed. However, I think it's better to add/make another ring on the outside from some 2mm alloy and bolt the two halves together on some M4 fixings, 6 each side, 12 in total. Gives me the option of adding something else or removing something etc. Can be taken apart.
I need some more baffle tube as my new silencer turned out to be a road legal one. Some debate of the overall function on the forum. Will remain straight through.

Also waiting on some V-bands to arrive, then I just need to get the tubing and finish the pipework, will just get 3 bends made from the angles on my template and get them welded together. I can tack them in situ and take them somewhere to be welded. Allows me to get it bang on I guess.

Only jobs bar this are to just finish off the alloy bits (valances, tunnel) and get them coated.

Many other small jobs have also been done, but nothing worth a mention.

Once the exhaust is on, there is no reason, provided all mechanical things work as intended, that it cannot run and drive and be MOT'ed right away. Oh I need to get the seat belt strap bar finished off.

Noticed this FINE example of a 6 cyl manifold on Andy T's blog :D

Might wish to speak to GT on the forum about that.


Or come along to the forum

He also has just finished a run of new design valves that have "science behind them" for all the Triumph engines 4 cyl, 6 cyl, titanium valve caps, high spec proper valve springs etc.

Forged pistons that work for most Triumph engines. New type of spark plug. Valve guides. Steel crank? Ti Rods?

Genuine "developement" parts, NEW things, exciting things, remember development has largely been dead since 1970's for anything related to a Triumph.

I think anyone wanting a genuine improvement for the Triumph engine should SERIOUSLY look into GT's stuff.

List of forged piston apps:

Something about exhausts:

I drove the car with this full system fitted and it went very well, it was very quiet cruising and around town and sensibly noisey at full chat. No need for 3 extra silencers at the trackday, as you need with something like Canley's straight through pipe or a single silencer. I have no doubt that this manifold spanks the arse of the Pheonix, TLD, Jigsaw, Canley supplied "fakes", which all have odd primaries, cheapo collectors and cheap construction. You gets what you pays for.

This is a PROPER manifold. Forget 1-2% in the variation of the crap produced by Pheonix for all these suppliers...This thing is from another planet.

I had no idea what this car drove like before, except to say that the owner of the car was pretty damn happy with the system, after all thats all that was changed and I felt the car went well, I am rarely that impressed with alot of "tuned" engines.

Car was quicker than the two ones I have driven that were fitted with "super doper" engines from jibberjabber.

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