Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Some modified onions.
They now got wings. So they cannot move and do not rely on magic to stay inplace. The bearings no longer rattle about either.
Them wings pinch between the sidespacers on the shock spherical and the wishbone. Specially thinned out washers provide a crush free assembly.
This also means I finished off the front suspension. The rear is ok, just need to stick oil in the diff.
Spotted another micron can on ebay, with a little dent at one end, looks ideal for stripping down and using the baffle tube and outer body to extend my current one (by welding them together!) to something like 800mm long. Shall get the silencer finished before doing the pipework.

Everything seems to be functioning perfectly, so once the exhaust is done it should run and drive! If there are no issues I'll be relieved. Cause I'd quite like to just wang over a sheet over it and get away from it for a while :) All that leaves is sorting some way for it to be a convertible and some tougher rear suspension, which I do not intend to do for a while. I'll be happy enough to have a working object again.

I'll be hoping for a large improvement in pretty much everything! One thing doing this project has taught me, is that you should never underestimate how much time you can waste on something :)

I am glad I had solid direction as to where I was going, my objectives and my desires. I had the patience to work it all out to be as simple and the least fiddly as possible, while not comphremising anything I wanted to do.

I waited for stuff to appear at the right price, kept my costs as low as the "standard" of build allowed. This is important, cause you will never get your money back or the time back, so if you are gonna waste cash, atleast do it sensibly.

I paid retail for virtually nothing. I tried to keep the "style" of the work done as impersonal as possible, not styled in anyway, it's looks are as a result of function not vanity.

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