Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Few more steps

Sorted my steering limiting on the one side. No need on the other. I found a large driveshaft nut and split it in two, so it fitted around the rack just behind the swivel joint, this then beaches on the inside of the recess on the alloy casting that houses the pinion. So it locks in the same way as normal but the nut acts as a spacer. I welded the two halves of the nut back together in-situ and tacked this to the inner most locknut of the swivel joint assembly. Nice job and does what it was meant to, and saved me taking the rack apart and the addition spacer/nut can be removed with the locknut it was tacked to.

Also sanded down all my valances and scotch clothed then ready for coating.

Just need to make the last piece for the driver side, out of sheet annoyingly.

Need to go and pickup a LOAD of alloy sheet anyway, for some mad valance construction on the other car.

I will order the pipe for the exhaust later this week, then hopefully I can have that cracked very soon...

Then ermmm....That's it, well obviously some other stuff, but nothing big...should be ALOT easier to tune than some 300deg cam triumph engine. I'd hope to have it jetted to good spec in an afternoon pottering about....I think I can knockup a pretty optimised ignition map that would require no major adjustment, atleast once the MAP readings are matched to what they would relate to on a TPS map.

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