Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's looking worried, I marked out a square in the middle earlier and placed the powersaw next to it....

One job that would be pleasing to complete...

Hard/Soft/Targa top.

Actually the idea was to just cut a square out the roof, keep this square and then use it as a targa, the square can be stored in the boot, behind the seats or I could bond on some retaining sections to the bonnet and store it over the engine.

Obviously once the square is cut I can add a section/lip around the hole in the roof, on the inside at 90deg to the roof surface so making an open-box, this will add in any stength removed.

Actually I could "brace the roof" and stengthen it further using the box section as a frame to add in some braces/ improve the mounting points at the front and hard bolt it to the windscreen frame without seal using "dumdum", no not dumb and dumber.

I can then make another half box section around the inside of the hole, not part of the roof, giving somewhere to locate the targa section via Dues Fasterners...I can make this section just big enough to squeeze a seal between it and the first additional lip welded to the roof...I can bolt the two pieces together with the seal squeezed between you know a seal with a flange that has a small bead sticking out the top, designed for panel sealing...The original roof section can then drop into place and seal against the special "panel seal" section and be held by small aero dues fixings...Sounds complex, it's not I knock the lot up with some half box section in no time.

The additional roof section will need the same angle iron/sheet adding to it...

Only tricky bit is bending the angle sections to fit the roof shape, probably an oxy/acl job down the engineering shop.

Suppose I could beat a targa panel from some alloy sheet with a sand bag and dolly, 2mm then use alloy angle section on that...saves a kilo and stiffer.

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