Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Piccies in the wrong order?!Fits in the boot easy.
A hole.

Pre-Hole. It's all gone a bit floppy so will need gentle handling while the first new sections are added, should be no issue at all to add the strenght back in just need to keep it in shape for now and really stiffen it up...Then the fun is fitting it, bolting it down and making sure the removeable section still fits as it will warp when its bolted down......Some adjustment maybe needed, ie big hammer.

Suppose you could deseam the front edge too, the lid is in good order, but could use a few repairs if time is to be invested in it. I painted it before as it would be ok, but if making the effort to go this far, I can do a few repairs and ensure it'll stay good.

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AndreGT6 said...

Me like a lot!