Monday, January 31, 2005

Weber DCOE / DCOM jetting

I have recently fitted DCOE's in place of my DCOM's, soon be replaced with special Dellorto DHLA carbs. I found 45/F9 too weak so used a 45/F8 and drilled it to 50/F8, works much better.

Weber 40 DCOE type 32/33 jets:

Main 117
Tube F16
Air correctors 160
Pump 38
Choke 30mm (6200) (small can use 32mm good for (6750 - plan to use 33mm in the Dellortos)
Idle 50F8*
4.5 Auxvents

clean and good plugs light chocolate, clean power and torque, maybe very slightly over rich on progression now needing 0.1-0.25mm extra on the idle jet air hole.

*my car is highly modified on the valve front and runs cool due to electric pump, I keep the engine at 75C all the time as such it always seems to need richer idles than suggested it seems to flow like a 1600cc, I find over 85C the engine is sluggish, maybe as comp ratio is high and it likes 100octane really, can get away with 95 if run cool, goes like a rocket with octane booster and Optimax.

Weber 40 DCOM 4/5 jets:
55/F21 idle jet - Emmisions type carbs 5 hole progression much smoother carbs in town and more economical
125 main
160-165 air correctors
F64 tube
35 pump
32 chokes*
4.5Aux vents

*30 more effective unless heavily tuned, use 120main or 123 for winter on 30mm choke, use 155 air corrector with 120main,160 with 123main and 165 with 125main.

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