Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A trip through the beasts life!

As I got the car, only mod, Sports exhaust. This poor unsuspecting victim was purchased for a quite a bit of cash, but has proved its worth in terms of buying the best tub and chassis you can find, 5-6years ago I think!

155 tyres, TT lowered fixed spring, safe predictable handling with no grip at all!

I used to drift the 155's everywhere, they usually looked a complete mess.

First aero improvement, actually this grille made loads of difference at speed...biggest single effect of anything possibly. No more lift, drag etc, 4-5mph more top end over an open grille.

Sometime in the distance past! 185's on, hated them as the car was very much setup for thin tyres! 155's back on after a few days.

Where did the valve go? 6500 rpm. Bit noisey.


Micron Power. Race can from a 750XS Ducati, maybe there was meant to be two, cause its bloody loud! I thought there was a noticeable improvement in upper range pickup over the heavy and silly twin system, more free? lighter - LOTS.

This was about 2years ago. Huge citreon rad enabling the use of that tiny holed grille plate...Not perfect, todays water system is far superior. There is a 1750cc Holbay Hunter airbox on the Twin DCOM carbs I didn't like it, ran for all of a few days, could get anywhere with it, muted my engine.

All steel tub and perfect fit, roll cage just fitted, this was another turning point in the current direction!

About 18months after the last pick! Engine bay in "final" guise - just before it was pulled apart for its current work.

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