Friday, April 13, 2007

Yet more portage. Exhausts almost complete.

Hmm, well another 7hrs.

Exhaust ports are done bar lapping the valves in tomorrow night, then reducing the seat width down a bit then I can finish the valve ends of the ports...The throats and main entry, burifications are done.

Early in the porting stage. This time I did all 4 ports at once :) Bit by bit.

There were some horrible ridges in the bottom of the ports, so after knife edging the splitters this was the next job. Followed by removing about 1.5mm from the sides of the main exit, as there was a bulge just inside.

Same thing going on here...I removed the guide bosses first and ground the guide tips flat, this also involved burring out about 2mm of material from the area blow the valve seats giving a nicer smoother exit for gas.

You have to be VERY careful in the exhaust ports, the splitter has a water way inside believe it or not! Also you can't remove the lumps from the throat entries as a waterway is close underneath. However, the ports are now about 2mm bigger than before and cleaned up well..I didn't hear any ringing so should be plenty of material before the waterway still...Best play safe....ish..

Roughly finished port exit and throat. Looks just like the ones I have seen.

After final roughing down with some mild sanding bands, technique for even finish seems to be madly waggling the band around as fast as possible.

Will finish up tomorrow and over the weekend.

Look it was a working car once!!! With skud launcher exhaust! Bastard thing. After all that work last year you evil car! Here I am again working my arse off trying to get you to work... You better be a good boy this year, I better really pull my finger out cause the blooming sun is a shining. Hopefully be pushing 290, maybe 300HP per tonne with ported head and a bit more lightening...Gulp...


Ryan said...

You don't have a door handle on the passenger door?

300Hp/tonne? Thats nothing! You should try my 100hp/4tonne when its done. Mean machine 8)

David Powell said...

Passengers are only allowed to get in with express permission from the driver :) Stops car jacking! :D

I am sure your car will fun enough!

Do keep the Teddy inside.