Saturday, July 28, 2007

Time to throw in the towel?

Its that time I think.

10CR ain't gonna happen.

I am not willing to rush the project simply to drive round Europe for 3days.

I was assessing what I WANT to do before putting the car back on the road this evening. Its just got too much for me I had to have a whisky or two. I have been working on it non-stop for about 5months every night. I am sick of the bloody thing. Time to put a sheet over it and regain some focus and motivation. I just intend to get the bulkhead welded on sunday, clean that up, get some primer on the metal, box everything up and take a break.

I do not want to go back and re-do things that could be done now.

My basic engine conversion is complete but I am not happy with certain areas of the car.

I wish to do the following.

Rewire MJL unit to a different location inside the cabin and make a case for the EDIS and brainbox, this involves resoldering ALL the pins and completely rewiring it.

Move washer bottle to the engine bay and fitting EDIS and MJL box in its place.

Make a new dashboard, full width and clean up the remains of the old dash I angle ground out.

Neaten up aspects of the wiring loom and make it removeable as a unit, it cannot be removed as a unit atm.

Paint the entire inside of the tub which means I cannot go near the tub for about 5days as it will be brush painted with 2 pack, two coats and take time to cure when applied thickly. Dig out old sealer from the inside of the tub and reseal it.

Waxoyl the car.

Repaint boot.

Shorten the Type9 gearstick mech, which means doing that before I make a tunnel.

Make a really trick gearbox tunnel from alloy and get it TIG welded.

Change the radiator for an alloy one, as its a brass one atm.

Add SPAL fan for cooling.

Possibly carpet the floorpans cause bare metal and a road car is a pain the arse.

Add another bar to the roll cage which supports the steering column.

Fit a decent driver seat and harness, really need to get that fitted before I paint the floor, cause it will chip and stratch it.

Fit new water temp gauge.

Fit new oil temp gauge.

Tune the car properly.

Powder coat pedal box, pedals, engine mounts, handbrake lever.

Make new radiator shroud, top and sides.

Make air filter system for the carbs, custom panel filter base plate welded to the trumpets to take pipercross panel element.

Move rear brake line to the driver side and renew front braided lines and pipework front and rear.

Being as the tub is bare and the car is in pieces, it would be insane to not do these jobs now. Thats just what I can remember too.

I assume the engine conversion will be an instant success and work out the box, so I do not wish to go back and do things that are ideally placed to do now. I will not comphremise my longterm goals for short-term ones.

Its become a bit of a stress, a rush. I am worn out, its gonna give me an ulcer. Its sapping my will to live.

I guess the engine stuff is just about complete, but the car is in the lowest point of the project, its all in parts, it all needs cleaning up, fixing up, paint, assembly...

I've had enough!

I guess once I have made the gearbox tunnel and stripped the cockpit down ready for paint, painted the cockpit and bulkhead the project is only headed in one direction, forwards, however things are still going backwards with wiring and neatening stuff up and its getting me down, purely due to the time constraints I have placed on myself.

I will have to have a word with Steve about his car. My only real interest in the 10CR was driving my own car, but...maybe its time to see if anyone needs a co-driver or Steve can fix his car...

It ain't gonna happen. I want the car perfect leaving just a rear suspension change next winter.


AndreGT6 said...

Dave, just saw the note.

I feel for you, but glad you put the brakes on ruining your project just for a quick fling.

Cutting corners just lead to more costs and pain in the end.

There will always be another 10C, I messed up my UJ install last night, so now I have to wait for my new parts order from Canely. Puts my fun stuff next weekend at risk & cost me more money...


the_nutter said...

Don't loose heart. These projects are supposed to be hobbies, enjoyed, and should be (reasonably) stress free. Forget the deadline and do it when you want. If it's not going right turn the lights off, close the door and walk away. It'll still be there when you get back and chances are you'll of come up with a novel solution sitting on the loo! If not share with the community and loads of solutions will be offered. Some may be daft, some absurd, but there'll likely be a gem in there.

Take care, and keep smiling.
aka David

David Powell said...

Agreed both. My best ideas come in the night, I wake with a new angle.

I have a tendancy to get a bit too involved and being a perfectionist, things are often stressworthy, I can see perfection, but getting it into material often proves so hard.

Having a relaxing time making a new loom for ECU atm ;)