Friday, August 03, 2007

Few things

Been sorting more wiring as things needs changing about. Been removing loads of crimp connectors and soldering all the joints and using loads of heat wrap and proper connectors with soft boots. Nearly done. MJL unit and EDIS have been moved from the passenger side to driverside under the dash. Loads neater.

Front loom is done, bar shrink wrapping it and taping it up, once the bulkhead is painted and its finally set through.

Wasn't sure how to seal this hole for the loom.
Found this on ebay £3.50 diamler dart steering column gaitor, 3/4" hole, which is a tad (0.75mm) smaller than the tubing over the wire, it takes a clip to seal. I will move the red starter power lead to its own hole, with its own grommet and use this to seal the main loom, I will cut it down a bit leaving two gaitor rings left, push it through the hole, make a metal ring to fix it to the bulkhead inside using the rubber to seal, 100% sealed and flexible!

Bulkhead is complete bar 1 more piece to be added. I have worked out how to fix the gearbox tunnel down...I will make some 6mm alloy strips that will be bonded to the lip on the sides and top of the bulkheads, back to the rear of the tunnel mounting area in the tub by the handbrake, the area where the normal tunnel screws go...These strips will have their own threads in m5 1.5 size. the 6mm alloy will stop the thinner metal lips deforming and no need for those ugly clips and give a dead flat seal base and self contained threads...I can then make the tunnel from alloy, TIG welded. You'll see.

Bulkhead has had proper etch primer brushed on, a coat of two pack, brushed, I will blow some stone chip over some of it (not the areas where nuts and bolts are or brake fluid reservs) once its gone bonehard to neaten up the finish ready for a coat of white. Once thats painted I'll do the interior.

Once thats done, I'll need to wait a week for it to go bonehard, during this time I can mod the type-9 gearlever and start on the tunnel.

This is the only wiring on the bulkhead, bar the crank sensor wire, very very minimal! I have to fill millions of holes as all the stock loom holes are now not needed. Thats the lot, what you there is all thats on the bulkhead!

I will make some little covers for all the holes, from 0.75mm alloy and adheseal them on.
Decent alloy radiator, another ebay bargain, 2kilos lighter than the brass one.
This is the finalised loom inside, the vertical part just needs a clip holding it onto the bulkhead, removed loads of messy wiring by moving the ignition wiring under the drivers side dash area, EDIS and brain box are now hidden from sight and the loom can be removed from behind the dash in one unit.

I want to fit a better fuse box, with screw down connections, do some small jobs to the main electrical box which sits behind the passenger seat on the rear "seat". Also relocate the current inners of the "lunch" box into a proper water sealed conduit box, raise this off the shelf on a mounting plate as in the flooding on the way to the Ring it was nearly soaked.

I will come to my decision on the 10CR this weekend, I cannot be arsed to rush, its nice to just do bits right, might do take me time, its not like building a standard car! Everything has be to designed and made, assessed, modified.

Its coming together...I do doubt it will see the road till October though. Not that bothered. Basically just needs to be ready for next year, then I can come out to Triumph meets have some fun and cause some trouble!

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