Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More strange things

So knocked up a brace for the steering column. Just a business like object to stop left and right flexing at the wheel. Wheel is now rock solid, the car wobbles when the wheel is yanked.

The piece clamping the column is a 1500 Spitfire column mount. I happened to spy this when I got a wiper motor. Its a bit chunky but its good as I can make a little bracket that sits on the top clamp bolt. On this bracket will be mounted the SPA Digital Speedo/Rev Counter. So the clamp bracket can serve two functions. I can have the SPA unit closer to my vision than on the dash board also. So its all good.

Simply drilled and tapped a hole in the clamp bracket, stuck a cut down bolt in the hole so giving a fully threaded stud. The rod/bar is the remains of a bonnet stay with a 5/16 nut welded on the end of the rod, the nut screws on the stud in the bracket.

Another reminder to finish off the final jobs on the loom, like removing those remaining crimp connectors.

Other end is just a small bracket welded on the roll cage. Could do with a more powerful welder (on shopping list), or to warm up the metal up for serious welded on the cage as its a bit over the limit for 105amps!...However perfectly adequete for this tiny little bracket.
I could have braced the main mount in a similar manner. I did it this way firstly for somewhere decent to mount the rev/speedo unit and also due to the fact I have my column out as far as it will go due to the driving position I had before, which was dead comfy. So with the column out so far it seems to flex between the main mount and the wheel, as the main mount is near central to the column body. Anyway, flex it no longer does. Also it gives purists something else to moan about :) tiny bit of upward flex but that should go once I have added the main dash panel.

The wires go through the slots in the bracket. All in all jobs a gooden. Just need some proper fasteners and another job bites the dust.

Bit more stuff to do before the actual dash panel...A few brackets to add. Nearly there!

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