Saturday, February 21, 2009



I was intending to finish the entire front suspension of this god-damn car in the garage this weekend!

It broke the bloody vice! Pushing the bloody studs in. This car is possessed. I also got a few parts from my mate in worcester but I buggered if I can find them, more delays, need a new vice and go and get another batch of parts...Royally pissed off.

I was good mood earlier this evening, now I am pissed off, the story of this car! I had to resort to drinking 4 stellas.
Lucky I got one hub done before the vice exploded. Nearly had a heartattack.

Some painted valances.

So there we go...I may hold off on any further work on my car till I can get shot of this object of depression thats just ruining my mood everytime I lay a finger on it, it's REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY getting on my nerves.
The garage is like good cop, bad cop. Why the fuck did I get involved...Lessons learnt over the last 12months?
Problem came with this project that it was dumped here on in Novemeber, yet dispite any promises of payments, nothing REALISTIC materialised till the 3rd week of July....Thats 8months.....By this time I was sick to the arsehole of my eyeballs of the sight of it. Despite sending no fking cash at all the owner seemed to enjoy hassling me constantly for the first 6months, when people hassle me without showing any commitment I tend to dig my heels into the deck...Sadly after tripping over it for 8months I got bored of the sight of it.
Well it'll soon be 8months since I got any funds worth lifting a finger over, so I guess were even?
Soon it'll be gone. I'll be happy, sadly I am fked off that my weekend's plans have been "shattered".
This car needs another 1000-1200hrs of work and 7-10 grand wasted on it to make it worth the £30,000 wasted on it. Yes £30K...Yes it looked better than it was...I think the seller got a good deal.
Shit, I've just been ranting in a totally aimless fashion, sorry readers, I am drunk...This happens everytime I work on this car, I get pissed off, then I resort to beer and get REALLY pissed.
I REALLY must stop this torture! There is only one answer, get it on it's wheels and get rid, quiet next week, it could be the one with a week of solid 12hrs of daily pain!
Bit like a catch22.
Problem is hate working on anything unless I am enjoying it, I might as well be shoving stuffing up turkey's arses in a factory otherwise?
By christ I have developed BAD PSYCHOLOGY towards this car. I need to go to bed.
Record Vices are like £200!

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