Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The ISP has been screwed all day.

I am not sure if they have disabled all accounts on my hosting package but the forum maybe offline till tomorrow when I contact accounts. As I have called support and they cannot help telling me to contact accounts.

There is no reason for my access to be disabled as they took payment for the forum hosting last week! I am nowhere near the limit of my hosting options.


If they have disabled my account for any reason bar this ongoing server collapse they are suffering I will be VERY annoyed with them, as they have made no contact with me about issues regarding any reason to disable my access.


Marcus said...


I like the project very much.

Do you have a contact for Gareth Thomas. I like his ideas which seem entirely consistent with results we have achieved in R&D work over the past few decades.

He is the first that I know of to realise that lambda 1.3 and above is a good place to run motors, and the resulting drop in EGT does wonders for NOx, torque and BSFC.

I would like to talk to him.

By the way, we achieved 90 ft/lb of torque per litre in a triumph 2000 motor some years ago. This was not supercharged, but neither was it using petrol.

David Powell said...

Were you not on my forum before? I have a funny feeling about you.

You clearly have read this stuff, so you clearly have a method of contact...

Strange folk about.