Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Few more bits and bobs done(ish)

Fitted my baffles and sump...Just used the normal "correct" sealer for no gasket useage. Anaerobic sealer...All went fine, do not forsee any leaks.
Clean up a few bits.
Chassis has had 1 coat of POR15. Gonna flat it and topcoat it on a warmer day, not sure it liked barely above freezing.
Had a poke with the cam timing, just a look really. Still need some followers. I'll have to buy new ones. The tosser on ebay at BGF "cossieboyz" sells BMW followers for the Rover, cheap and good, but they weigh 2x as much as the VVC follower (lightest of all)...Have to buy proper ones, 8 @ £12 each. Its holding me up and have been looking for a bargain for 12months :)
Have to get my gearbox welded, need a few gaskets, can then finally stick the engine and box together and do the clutch lines, just have to paint the shock towers first, engine back in then and finally fitted!

Plenty to do, stuff everywhere atm! Hopefully a two week push will advance things dramatically.

May well remake the lower front wishbones from tube, it be fair it makes the bearing carrier job easier (a round thing with a hole and circlip groove tig'ed onto tube). Also GT6Mike should at his leisure being making me some tubed top wishbones for me, using Caterham ball joints and these have adjustable camber as a result, so no need for shims! It maybe on bricks for a while longer.

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