Thursday, March 20, 2008

More finishing stuff

A special one-man bleeding bulk adaptor, means I can have this sticking out the bellhousing and bleed the clutch alone. The spring bit means no need to do it up and close it.Just about the last fittings needed, bar the main fuel line.
Made a new radiator shroud, it seals to the bonnet via the "bootseal".
Bolts to the radiator and chassis.
Fitted perfect, plenty if time measuring and messing with carbboard.
Anyway its better and more durable than the last one, and 1 piece.

Will probably whip the tubes off the bonnet and repaint them. Made some adjustments to the bonnet fitting, fits better than ever.

Hopefully get the some stuff on to be welded tomorrow, alloy stuff.

Will work on my strut brace over the weekend.

Box and engine should be back together shortly, so can go in again.

Main boring work left is finishing off the gearbox tunnel and painting the floors. Will get some templates made so the local trimmer can make me some carpet section for the floorpans...

This leaves just a thousand unmentionable micro jobs. I need to nail the water rail for the outlet side, also one for the inlet. Make a bracket for the header tank to bolt on the strut brace...fuel line under the car. Exhaust section to be made. Probably a load more too :)

Brake pipes are done awaiting, all copper awaiting flaring and fitting.

Few other developments but...

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