Saturday, March 08, 2008


Did a 2nd coat on the chassis, thats done.Refitted a few bits.
Sorted my clutch line system. Just have to do the bleed line. I did make something before, but will be remaking it, lighter more simple. I will use a -3 bulkhead fitting with a bleed nipple on it. Its a special MOCAL fitting. Basically just drill a 9.5mm hole on the bellhousing and stick the fitting in it, a very small bleed nip protrudes from the bellhousing.

Glued my gear lever piece back on. I will be getting a few alloy braces TIG'ed on, but the bonding will seal it up...Its rocksolid, I could just leave it bonded if you ask me...I deoxided the surface and roughed it up...The Epoxy should be strong enough to hold it on its own...I am confident it would be ok as is.

Gears seem to select better than before? the gate has a better spacing, more luck than judgement. Just bonded it on by "eye"....
73.5mm moved forward.

Dropped my metal parts off for powdercoating today. If they loose any of them or bugger any of them I will be in prison for murder.

Got some gaskets/ seals for the box coming.

Also VVC followers here Monday. Only problem the cam locking tool won't work with my VVC Piper pulley setup? Its loose...I'll need to source/make something before I can time the cams by lift @ TDC method.

Hopefully by end of the next week the engine and box will be mated and completed and back in, clutch working. All done bar setting up the carbs...I can start attaching stuff to the car finally.

Gotta have a big push for a bit. Its pissing me off now, I gotta finish it, its like a lead weight dragging on me.

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