Friday, March 14, 2008

Shocker Mod completed!

Thats all perfect just have to make some sidespacers for the rosejoints, jobs a good'en.
K-Nuts used, super strong, has its own washer and self locking action.
Maximum droop is limited now. Wishbone is flat at correct ride height. Has about 1.5" of droop before a wheel lift.


the_nutter said...

Looking very nice. I believe you're using POR15 but is it brush applied or sprayed? Very professional finish, which I'd like to recreate on my car.

David Powell said...

Comes out Satin finish. Do not like gloss myself.

Thats brushed, 1 light coat, another thicker one over the top. Levels itself very nicely.

If you use it, buy a bag of brushes cause NOTHING will clean them! Even wet nothing will shift the stuff. I leave mine submerged in celly thinners to keep them soft and pull them out and reuse them.

Its good paint, it sets rockhard and is the best chassis paint I have come by.

Leave the 2nd coat till its hardened, leave it 2days, it takes about 4-5days to go bonehard, touch dry in 3-12hrs.

It can be sprayed also, but only using POR15 thinners. I tried white spirit, ethanol, celly thinners, methanol, alcohol, no idea what the thinners consist of.

I'd have sprayed it, but it makes too much mess at this stage.