Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Progressing in a forward direction.

Powdercoated stuff, to be honest its not as good as I'd like, came bagged up, only inspected it at home, it'll do, sorted a few bits on objects I wasn't happy with the POR15 stuff, which is good shit!Turrets back on, should be in the same place (re: engine mounts!).
Here are the turret mounts for the engine, same as Caterham, Jag E-type mounts.
Barely any weight on them anyway, under 40kilos a side.
Been working on my tanks. This is the header tank now read for some bosses to be tig'ed on and the whatever. The old pipe outlets on the top now have 1/8NPT threads on and one is a warning switch to indicate the water system has lost pressure, so indicating a leak etc. The other has a 1/8NPT to JIC3 adaptor and blanking cap. I can now, using a seperate braided line, run a connection from this to the bulkhead, onto the fuel pressure line adaptor on the bulkhead and take block pressure measurements in about 30seconds, from the fuel pressure gauge 0-20psi.
Got some tappets and put the top-end of the engine back together. It's gonna rattle like a bag of nails in a tin when I fire it up cause I emptied the followers as they fully pumped up and it would have no compression with them as they were, also piston/valve contact risk...Not sure of that was the way forward but after a couple of minutes they should bleed and fill.
Clean surfaces make David a happy boy.
All done, took me all evening ensuring it was all 100%.
Cam seals in.
Waiting on a few bits from Mocal.

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Philip Brooks-Taylor said...

Looking sweet Dave, keep up the work!! I wanr to see this on the RBRR now ;D