Saturday, May 13, 2006


Jag progressing, its quite modular. Engine out next week, just need to whip the exhaust off, loosen up the box and prop and remove the ancillaries...actually bar the rear suspension it might be very quickly apart once the engine is out.

I can then unbolt the entire front subframe and the suspension as 1 then get rid of the tub for 2months and get some space back! Engine has a load of leaks, oil seals etc, think I will pulling it apart to assess why, the sealer used is one reason. Also get the head refaced, as the leaks need to go and they arent going to go with a polite word or a sweet nothing etc, so forcing me into serious work! oh was rebuilt in America I think and they don't have a good rep in this area, the sealer used is smoothered on and pouring out of all the seals and there's JB weld here and there bunging up some leaks! the sump has two gaskets on etc...muppet job. I hope I am not drawn into a lengthy affair with a 4.2L 6 cyl. Once the spits done it will be easier.

Painted my rocker cover on the spit thats all I have done this week! Looks nice engine coloured. Fitted it with a different and hopefully leak free bolting down method...Used 2x Twin 40 cosworth type rubber doughnuts that you use on the manifold studs with DCOE and DHLa carbs....and single rubber on each stud without any cap below it, it runs on the cover and a single retainer cap under the nut which stops it preading squishes the rubber doughnut down and seals on the stud and cover, makes bolting down less stressfull to the rocker cover too.

Had to spend about £20 on some stuff, hose and sundries.

I am going to paint my windscreen frame black to match the hardtop, which i might give a new coat to, but 2 pack this time...I need to a laminated screen also cause that heavy triplex just isnt an option...

I know the cars gonna be great so the rush to experience it is not too great, I have never completely finished any car before getting it back on the road before! This ones gonna be different! I just know its gonna make me grin, oneday!

Next Winter there are more mods/lightening planned....

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