Saturday, August 25, 2007


Been doing a fair bit of farting.

Still no smoking at all...Today was a piece of piss! I think I have cracked it! That easy eh? Had a small urge to smoke this afternoon once, bar that no craving at all. Today easier than the last 2days, so tomorrow can only be easier....

I cleaned my bicycle this evening! Serviced it, retuned the gears and regreased the hubs etc. Its an Italian Simoncini Alloy frame thing, nice bike. Went out this afternoon and did 10miles, half climbing, half downhill, did another 5miles after the service.

I intend to go and do 20miles tomorrow.

I want to be cracking 60miles in 3hrs again without a break- like I was when I was 20 (and smoking) before long.

Be looking for a bargain ebay pukka mountain bike soon, as riding on the road is nasty in winter and MTB is much more fun!

I have this urge to get SUPER fit again. Only issue is its time consuming to get to the point you can do 20mph average for 3hrs...2hrs a day training.

Being super fit has many benefits, soaring testosterone and dopemine be fair, been feeling a bit off form last 12months...Time to get pumped again! I was a nightmare in my late teens and early 20's :) I need to toughen up again, its easy to start getting soft in ya old age.

I have felt some niggles of age appearing, I don't like it...Time to revolt again my body :)

Ahh best also do something on the car too! Not really in the mood atm...

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