Thursday, August 09, 2007

Knob reduction

Jobs a good-en.

All the gears engage as they did before, that helps.

I popped down the engineering shop, used a mill to drill the shaft, easier, and things don't move with the item being drilled bolted down on a bench.

Drilled the new hole to 5mm diameter, put a little chamfer on the ends to help the roll pin go in. Hole was drilled 75mm further forward than the old one. Frontline are correct, 75mm is the very maximum possible. This involved shortening the bush in the piece cut off by a 2.5mm or so.

Anyway happy enough.
Have to grind a few bits off the selector piece, make some alloy plates that can be welded to both parts as you cannot get a weld gun into the crevis properly. However the fundementals are in place. Provided the mechanism on the end of the selector rod can get into the 5th gear slot the rest of the gears don't seem to mind about super accurancy, the job is quite self-explanitory. The 1-2 gears rest against a stop, the 3-4 gears also, the 5th also, provided the selector mech reaches these areas and reverse and just touched the stops all is well. Probably bead blast both parts tomorrow and grind off some areas, then get it tacked up down the engineering shop before giving it to a "pro" to mess up.
Dead on 75mm.

Got some new headlamps today, one was cracked and they had no sidelight facility, annoying as it is, always get had at the MOT, cause I don't want to fit seperate sidelamps...Anyway some ebay special WIPAC Quadoptics will do the trick, just need some new plastic bowls, ala Mini.

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