Monday, December 24, 2007

Back to the important stuff.

Back to funky wheel nuts.

46grams for the old silver one. 18grams for the new one. Look to be well made to me.

Beast has a completed wiring loom after some further works the other evening.

Being as blog is now not attached to any Clubs and will never be attached to any again, you can expect fully documented and lengthy product and fitment reviews of everything that comes my way. Rather like anyother resource reviewing products.

I will be at the next trackday after my car is done, if anyone wishes to discuss anything with me...You can form an orderly line and will be more happy to discuss any issues mono-e-mono. I suggest doing this before I offer you a ride. I harbour no hard feelings, you're welcome to berate me and I will gladly return the favour with a few stiff laps in the passenger seat. Nothing like a bit of pent up tension to release and inspire some fast lapping.

If there are no more trackdays I have no interest in Club Membership, it offers me nothing of great interest to be frank. I give up hours of my time to assist people on the forum, I could put my efforts into something that is valued by those receiving, directly or indirectly, a boost from the benefit of my experience/s, such as my own Website/Forum and information resource.

One thing that is proven, is that when you poke a sleeping dog.....

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Philip Brooks-Taylor said...

A great pity that you have had to resort to terms and conditions etc.
Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and will continue doing so regardless of CT!!
Keep up the good work.
Phil (thebrookster)