Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well I don't think it went to plan....

Whatever cock-up decision was made over this Blog at CT?

I could have happily removed this blog, quietly and uncaring, instead we get a thread with 1500 hits in 48hrs?

Any issues relating to this Blog and its position at Club Triumph, could have been easily fixed with a simple phonecall/email. I have for about 1 month been tempted to pull this blog from the site anyway, you only had to ask me :)

Reason, I am sick to death of double standards and seemingly wildly varying decisions on such matters and it was time for an assessment of the future.

This has been beaten out fully now anyway, if you hadn't noticed :) Anyother wrangling that develops will be reported here in due course, in full without any lack of detail.

Really in my opinion, by pulling this Blog without any consultation, its a basic display of simple incompitence by the whoever is pulling the strings here, or having their strings pulled for them, knowingly or not...You have watch who is driving the bus....

I must say the tonne of support thats flooded into my email and PM's has been overwhelming. I guess the fact that for each message I post on the forum, I post one privately via email and spend vast amounts of time in private retort with people is proving its worth! Thank you guys!

Your opinion is what matters most. You are what matters. You are your own maker. Do not be shat on!

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