Sunday, August 17, 2008


Another idea.Use some Midilite Wilwoods

Use seperate discs that bolt to a bell, centre.
Buy some bells, they will need the hole in the middle opening out to slip over the hub, then the 4 holes drilling, thats easy enough.
Need to knock out some caliper brackets.

Bonus is obviously they are slighly lighter, heat transfered to the hub is less via better and quicker cooling of the alloy bell and the fact the disc is bolted to the bell by only 7 small areas and not part of it, so heat stays in the discs. The discs are lighter anyway, they are decent quality wilwood items.

The discs come in loads of sizes, I can run 260-265-270-275mm discs, just need to allow for the wheel, the normal Wilwood kits are 247mm discs. Which will be fine, I'd think I would go for the same size as the GT6, 265mm?

Also by not buying a kit I can spec the caliper piston sizes to the master cylinder. Plus its something different! Unique. If spending £500-650 on Caterham, Alcon, Wilwood anyways, I can build my own spec stuff from parts for the same figure and say I did that, plus get a lighter and superior setup!

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