Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Various Stuff

Few little jobs done.

Was stumped for somewhere to take off my oil pressure gauge line, as the apollo tank will not be used for now. So this was about the only suitable place to tap a 1/8NPT hole for a sender adaptor.
Like so.
Had these wishbones from GT6Mike for a while, but haven't played with them.
Neat and well put together.
These give camber adjustment without messing with shims, you can adjust the camber without splitting the balljoint via the pair of threaded adaptors in the tube. You can see the details here. http://gt6-efi.blogspot.com/

Fitted with superflex bushes. I'd rather the feel of the polybush, its got alot less friction/preload when torqued up, the wishbones are stiffer to move. I will use the superflex anyway, they feel like they will give good location.
Point to note, no big deal, actually obvious when you think about it. I will need to remove one of my alloy "wishbone bracket packers" to get the new top ball joint in a mid travel position. Above is has 5deg of camber still and the ball joint will be out too far.
Obviously my suspension with two 5mm packers behind the brackets is pushing the lower wishbone out to extremes and as such the top balljoint is outside of its sensible design location. I add Mike has designed that place perfectly, my car is at fault! The only reason I spaced the brackets was to get the extra 10-15mm trackwidth :) So out with 1 of the packers from each bracket and then equalise castor as best as possible, then set the camber, then check bump steer, then set tracking!
Extreme droop above. Droop is now limited by the shocklength. This is good at it removes the extreme areas that are needed and just strain balljoints etc.
Maximum bump above, it will NEVER achieve this level of bump, but it pays to check, check and check again for any issues eh.
Again max bump. Just an exploration of the setup.

So basically that's all there, I just need a session to finalise it.
Did some timeconsuming R&D for Matt's rear suspension. I need the suspension to come back before I can finalise anything, the tolerances are a bit tight, but a test bracket has been born. Basically the 3 marked and uncut holes are the normal repro bracket locations, the 4 extra ones could be used with an adjustable wishbone to get more adjustment. Bracket just a dummy at this stage, the 4 other holes give purists something to moan about if nowt else.
Brackets can be held on with crush tubes slotting over top-hat fittings, top hat fittings slightly different to this example with a larger head, countersunk and TIG welded in, then the bolts go in from behind.
Have to wait for more progress on that. Some wiring adjustments made. Bar the brackets the car awaits it's "repaired" rear suspension to arrive, normal handbrake system is reinstated.

Engine will be hoiked in shortly. From my measurements it's gonna be a little tight to the bonnet, only real purpose of this engine fitment is to see what is where and how well, or how badly the previous builder did on locating it, take a note of locations, take alot of photo's and work out whats best! It's far from the ideal transplant, but then any supercharged engine is going to provide some headache. I know it needs a big a hole to be made in the shock turret for the drysump pump, so it's all good news so far! The carb and airfilter/airbox will be fun regarding the wheelarch!

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