Thursday, August 14, 2008


Moving the belt eyelets to a bar, saves messing with the rear panel.

Weld in some top hats.
Means my freshly carpeted rear panel just fits back in, not bothered by a firewall at this stage. Angle still a little steep on the belts, but my shoulders are below the seats belt holes so the seat takes any downward compression. Brought a roll of decent quality carpet for £12.95, enough to make some carpets for both sides. Barefloor pans are a royal pain in the arse. Atleast now I can capture muck on them vac it up, make some more in a few mins and chuck em away after etc. Might have to encorp this into Matt's as his dimply stonechip floorpans will rapidly piss him off... Nothing fancy just velcro'ed down.
Almost a wrap there.

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