Monday, September 08, 2008


After careful calculations of piston and master cylinder sizes I came to the conclusion to buy the Caterham AP racing brake kit. Worked out pedal travel should just be a small amount more than I had before on 16P Calipers, the AP Caterham kit uses the biggest pistons of any kit for the Triumph upright.

I decided against the Wilwood cause of the need to run bendy caliper brackets between the caliper and upright, also the midilite calieprs are dust sealed and the seals will probably just melt.

Alcon, well solid discs.

The compbrake kit, probably more expensive than caterham one.

AP Racing calipers are the best, bar Alcon. Also this kit comes with nice quality discs, fasteners and pads. Also ensured of future parts supply.

Should pick it up later week from Milwood MC.

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