Thursday, September 11, 2008


Spotted some cheap Pagid pads :)

I hear of guys doing 20,000miles including up to 40 track days and not even using a set of pagids! They may cost a BOMB, but they last forever.

The friction from cold (RS15) is like 0.50 and goes up to 0.62+ when @ 600C. Stable constant to 800C with bursts to 900C.

Where as a mintex 1144 is about 0.37 and doesn't improve at all, goes DOWN as they warm up!

The difference between 0.37 and 0.52 is HUGE.

The utter shit you are sold by a Triumph supplier is about 0.15 :) and goes down to nothing @ 100C :D :D

So I might grab the pagids and wang those in.

These M1142 are a bit shit I read, ok but no feel. Can't moan though as basically come free and you can buy them for £30 if you hunt about.

You think the Mintex 1144 is good in your Spitfire, go to Merlin Motorsport and grab some RS14 or RS15 Pagids :)

I read they make Mintex feel like the cardboard shite you get sold if you buy pads at a Triumph supplier!

They NEVER fade, they bite FAR harder when cold, make 1155 appear really poor also.

I ate a set of 1144 before in 14 ring laps and 1 trackday, do the maths and the pagid's work out so so so so much cheaper.

Point is, I want a take the braking to a new level, so the caterham guys LOVE pagids, so seems silly not to run them out the box for the best results and happiness right off the mark...

You think hard-pad no cold bite, totally the opposite, you don't pay £120+ a set for nowt! Hotter they get the harder they bite :)

Read up!

Look above if you want to try some in your Spitfire calipers :)

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