Thursday, December 01, 2005

Block Painting, Crank Balancing, Head Work

Block work done, new core plugs fitted.

After various previous experiments this is a 2pack Acid primed block, ready for 2pack top coat. I think this will be as good as anything, high temp is a waste of time, as if over 110C the water would be boiling constantly...As 2pack can take far more temp than that should be just the job, took ages to clean it and prepare it, mask it.

Should be stuck like shit to a blanket.

Will be painting any other bits like timing cover, sump same way.....I like things to look nice 8-)

Crank and bottomend was balanced yesterday, dynamically, rods end-end weights and matched. Midland Balancing highly recommended quick while I waited service and got to watch and smoke fags, chances your paying twice over for his services at quite a few Triumph specialists so give him a call 07768577222 save your pennies.

Just need to paint the block, chase all the threads, clean any gasket surfaces back up etc etc - clean the buggery out of it again including all the oil ways, power wash it, and start assembling something.

My favoured masking tape for these things is insulation tape for the edges, as it doesnt leave a mass of manky glue and crap behind like masking tape, comes off real clean and does a lovely job. stick it on overlapping the edges, trim with a blade to size.

Need to get an engine stand my back aches.

Finalised my wiring behind the dash took about 4hrs, as it was just a load of spaghetti having rewired the car but not wanting to commit to final cuts, as building a loom was a staged process for me, I tied up the fuse box, rear end and dash, leaving only the bonnet end, which I will add a modern 6 way cable splitter block to, so making easy removal of bonnet and wiring, on a simple clip junction screwed on the chassis. My custom loom is now basically 1 piece and easily removeable if needed as a single unit. It retains hardly any of the original wiring...I wouldn't want to be the next owner (unlikely) as most of the wire is just red/green and black 8-) but I know whats what so WGAF.

Oh and my head is ready for assembly/paint once I consider some new valve springs... I blasted the head yesterday, had the ex guides fitted and seats recut. After some pondering of ex guide clearances we ended up polishing each valve stem to fit each guide to get a perfect fit on all, worth the effort. A downside of these funny valves!

Too much to do, 3months till March!!!

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