Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Small engine jobs

Top image is a new improved woodruff key, made from a 6cylinder one...I had some problem with the alloy pulley settling down years ago, or being crushed over time by the nut and loosening torque, resulting gear and pulley not being locked super tight - the key wriggled out forwards and the timing gear spun on the crank by a few deg....My key fits the slot in the pulley and gear perfectly so it cannot move in the extremely unlikely event of the similar issue.

Its never happened again, luckily...I added a 2nd key after event -that slotted in the end of the key groove on the pulley and runs forward down to the thread of the nut stub...its was 0.5mm longer than needed, so it is was pressed into torque on the key by the nut when fully loaded, held the key in place, it couldnt really move anyway but it had wriggling for a while and was manged a bit.

This gave me fear, so I wanted to remedy it with a special key...

Timing chain cover was a spare I used a mirror to level it and adjust it to be perfectly flat, finished off on a massive flat belt sander. Perfect!

Tar stuff in the bottle? Wellseal, odd stinky, sticky and waterproof stuff, super tacky an horrid to work with. Beats the pants off silicone on core plugs, this stuff is cool! Goes hard and seals like, Well.

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