Thursday, December 01, 2005

The very grey block!

One freshly painted block...happy with it, got good adhesion, when you cut the excess paint off surfaces with a blade it grates through leaving a firm deposit needing a few scrapes to get the stuff hopefully it'll stay grey! Need a few days to go fully hard its bit cold, had to heat paint and block/head with a fan heater and spray warm. The little gun I was using is a little underpowered for two pack and needed extra thinners but got the job done. Bit more interesting than black, Lotus Twinks were Grey. Have to sort a decent rocker cover! want a SAH one.

Few runs on the manifold side! bar that i sprayed it good 8-)

Got my head back, got the exhausts seats triple cut on the serdi. Blasted out the exhaust ports and chambers so its nice and clean! There was next to no carbon on it before, don't think my engines have time to suffer from that 8-)

Need to get on with some proper work, might paint the engine plates and timing cover tomorrow, just need to get some paint stripper then blast em.

Need to get another dissy pedestal and convert it to a crank case breather and make an alloy plate for the fuel pump hole, will tap an M5 sized hole about 5mm deep into the bottom of the fuel pump opening gasket surface so I can give a bit more tension on blanking plate andgasket as it weeped here before, the two nuts are high up.....close to main gallery but theres 10mm atleast...

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