Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sorting oil surge for good! Not so baffling...ho-ho!

So the standard 1500 pump pickup goes out at 45degrees to the back left corner of the sump (if viewed from the back), this gives simply massive oil surge under braking, even light braking gives a big drop in pressure, if followed by a right hander you can be without pressure for many seconds, much worse than the straight down pickup of the smaller capacity original oil pump for early models.

Its really really bad. So I have cut two slots in the straight pickup tube (as per pics) taking out two wedges so it will form a bend, will then weld it up. This means you can use the 45degree starting angle to your advantage in the fact you can get the gauze on the oil pickup on the bottom of the sump and move it up and down a bit on the thread. My image shows its near the centreline of the sump now and also it sits near the centre from the side axis, so should give the best all round performance, most modern pickups go to the pan centre....

I was thinking about making some trumpet affair to go on the end of the pickup pipe, with a 50mm diameter base, with gauze in this end, this sits on the bottom of the sump with about 7.5mm clearance and gives big area for oil pickup...but i think its not needed, also the hole in the baffle plate would to be excessively sized to clear this thing and allow you to get the sump off with the motor in the car, so i forgot that idea.

That brings me to the gauze filter, i bent this into a different shape, still got 6mm between the pickup pipe and gauze. I just bent the two sides up and down to reduce its size. The reason for this is that i wanted the hole in the baffle as small as possible really, I found with it at normal size i needed a big opening to enable the sump to go on with the back plate in on car...also need to account for the front cross member, to get this holes position took about 7 dummy card templates!

I will dish the baffle towards this hole from all directions and also radius the edge of it downwards by about 5mm.
With the distick in, minimum oil level is 15mm over the level of the baffle plate 40mm or so under max level...So there should be no issues with it refilling unless you are completely out of oil....

So I think definately worth making that hole as small as possible as modifying the gauze shape....

I will add a few another baffle or two underneath the baffle plate itself...I have a few ideas I'll try tomorrow...basically like a central well around the pickup. I'd think the plates will be probably enough as it the oil cant get out can it unless your upside down!

Not sure how to mount it, will be making it all from alloy, so may weld 4 blocks in the sump, drill and tap the blocks, then bolt it down with 4x M4 bolts + loctite.

I mean having oil pressure helps !

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